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I have a small concern as I write this guide that I'll sound prejudiced against certain brands of bicycle helmets. If so, it is warranted.
Your head is too precious to trust it to a helmet with a price point that sounds cheap.  Trust me, if it sounds cheap it most likely is cheap.
There are certain well known household name brands that produce specific helmet models for mass merchants that are cheap. In all sense of the word.
In NY State, we have a law that youths under the age of 14 years MUST wear a helmet.  Persons of any age that do not wear a helmet are subjecting themselves to a possible and unnecessary risk of head injury.
It is difficult using age as a criteria for determining the proper size of a helmet for youths and their growing stages.  Head size is a critical measurement in sizing children and youth age groups, as well as adults.  A simple cloth or metal tape measurer calibrated with the universal metric system fits the bill.  Simply measure the heads circumference at the hat brim position.  Most helmet manufacturers list a range of measurement within a given shell size.
Child: 48-52 cm
Youth: 50-54 cm
Adult: 54-62 cm
Adult: 58-64 cm
The measurement range, referring to the above sizes, is compensated for with a micro final adjustment system, located in the back of a helmet.  The final adjustment should be secure.
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This guide was written by the late Mr.Pump, co-founder with his late wife, Louse, of Bike 'n Kite, Ltd., the local   bike shop in Westhampton Beach, NY, where BikemanforU grew up fixing bikes with his dad. Read Mr. Pump's Tire Reference Guide
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