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Watch - Clean Your Bike

It's Called Elbow Grease
Picture BikemanforU at seven years old, before we were in the bike business.  Wife, two sons and myself visited our local bike shop in the neighboring community. Ten-speed steel-framed bicycles seemed to be where it was at. The shop proprietor asked me if i wanted to try one. Sure, I replied.
Wow. I sailed down the street as if I were a cloud. What a difference compared to my heavy, 3-speed Schwinn.
My quick reply surprised the shop owner. I said, "I'll take two." The adult bike I tried for my older son, and a 24-inch for the younger, BikemanforU. The bikes were put to good use and soon it became obvious that they needed some adjustments. So, back to the bike shop they went. Pick them up next week, the shop owner said as he quoted a most reasonable price.
Next week didn't come quick enough for the kids, so our pickup was prompt. My first observation of the bikes was that the drive train had the same amount of grease and grime as when we had brought them in for service.
I didn't know much about the intricacies of bike derailleurs and shifting systems, but with my farm background I knew when the chain came off the sprocket on my corn picker the very first thing I had to do was clean that puppy. Get rid of the grease, grime, and chafe before I attempted any adjustment. The "reasonably" priced adjustment from our local bike shop turned out to be cheap with ineffective results.
Grease and grime mixed together with road sand is abrasive as it gets. Get it off your bike before it causes real damage.

-Mr. Pump

Learn how to scrub, degunk, de-grease, remove rust, polish and buff your bicycle into an object of beauty with this playlist of how-to videos from YouTube's award-winning guru of DIY bicycle repair and maintenance. Watch the full playlist above or click here to select individual videos.