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BikemanforU and Steve O Join Forces On SunLite Fixed Front Wire Basket



BikemanforU and Steve-O formed a dynamic duo in their second video together as they demonstrated the multiple features and benefits of our new SunLite fixed front basket. Not only is the basket sturdy from its wired make-up, the standard deep carrier also features two supporting legs that extend down and attach to the front wheel, providing even more durability. These two legs stabilize the basket and prevent any sudden jerks or movements that might jar a lift off bike basket secured only at the handlebar.

Steve O noted the basket can transport groceries, paperwork, sports equipment, towels and beach toys, and so much more.  at the basket inis a unique advantage because there is no weight pushing down on the back wheel, allowing one to ride faster. The SunLIte Fixed Front Wire basket is the ideal commuter basket because it provides enough room for whatever materials one may need for work while at the same time allowing for a smooth ride.

"What sets this basket apart is it seems to be the most practical for a wide variety of people, including commuters and recreational riders alike," Steve O said. He added that working with BikemanforU is a unique experience. "We got to fill in the gaps for each other. He expanded on stuff and I do appreciate that he knows a lot more about this stuff, the baskets and products than I do. I was fortunate enough that he let me work with him on this on this video."



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