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BikemanforU Offers Free Tubes To Cyclists in Fund-Raisers


BikemanforU.com, online retailer of tires and tubes combo packs, bicycle parts and accessories, is offering free bike tubes to riders in fund-raisers that benefit non-profit organizations or families in need.

Cyclists who submit a request and post news of their event and benefit organization on the BikemanforU facebook page will receive one free bike tube to continue and complete their ride. Requests can be emailed to bikemanforu@bikemanforu.com

BikemanforU also announced it will help organizers promote cycling fund-raiser events. News can be emailed directly to BikemanforU or posted through BikemanforU social networks on facebook or Twitter.

"Obviously, we can't support everybody, but we want to try," said Bart Birk, director of operations. Birk is familiar as the producer and on-screen personality of BikemanforU Instructional Videos .

"If people let us know what they're doing to help other people, you know we're going to help them with a shout-out everywhere we can," he said, adding, "As BikemanforU would say, 'We'll shout it from the treetops, baby!'"

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