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BikemanforU Show Episode 2 "Make It GO" on YouTube


This week on the BikemanforU Show, viewers learn how to unstick a a badly gunked up cassette freehub on the back wheel of a Fuji mountain bike that has been in storage for a long while.  After some investigation, the master bike mechanic demonstrates how the pedals just spin and there is no engagement between the cassette freehub and the rim/tire.

The customer does not want to spend a lot of money to fix this bike, and in fact will get a free fix in the end.  The congealed grease shows how long this bike has been laying around, and getting that removed is a first step.

Things are cleaned up and running in fairly short order.  He uses a number of shop tools and products: chain whip, SR1, lockring tool, and the ever-handy compressed air to blow out gobs of grease. Final cleaning with a strong (ie, toxic) chemical cleaner,  Brakleen, along with fast forwarded manipulation has the cassette freehub grabbing again.  After that, re-assembly, re-lube and a happy customer shows up just in time to pick up his now running bike.

The BikemanforU Show is uploaded weekly on YouTube.

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